Trump’s Disapproval Rating Soars in Latest Washington Post / ABC Poll

President Trump’s approval ratings have never been all that great, even though the president himself seems to believe that his ratings are higher than what Obama’s ratings were at during the same point in their respective presidencies.

A new Washington Post / ABC poll sheds light on just how many Americans really do not approve of the job Donald Trump is doing as president.  The latest poll indicates that Trump’s disapproval ratings have reached an all-time high of 60% while his approval ratings sit at a measly 36%.  Back in April, the same poll found that Trump had a 56% disapproval with 40% approving of the job the president is doing.

Additionally 49% of the 1,003 Americans polled believe that Congress should begin impeachment hearings for President Trump, while 46% felt that they were not necessary at this time.

Also an astounding 53% believe that Trump has obstructed justice in the Mueller probe, while just 35% said that he has not.

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