Trump’s Desired Black Border Wall Would Cost Extra $500 Million

While most of Donald Trump’s attention is currently aimed the COVID-19 pandemic and his re-election prospects, that doesn’t mean he isn’t concerned about other things as well.  And one subject that has never been far from his mind is the construction of a Southern Border wall.

Photo by Smith Collection/Gado/Getty Images

The President has said that he wants his wall to be as intimidating as possible. In his mind, that means painting it black. The Washington Post reports that pairing and maintaining a black wall would cost an additional $500 million.

One of the issues with a painted black wall is that is will need regular maintenance. A White House official said in May of last year, “Once you paint it, you always have to paint it.”

Trump has been insistent on the idea. The Post notes that border officials, “consider the black paint unnecessary, costly and a significant long-term maintenance burden, and they left it out of the original U.S. Customs and Border Protection design specifications.”

The President has not been swayed, however.  Josh Dawsey and Nick Miroff write:

“Trump has not let go of the idea, insisting that the dark color will enhance its forbidding appearance and leave the steel too hot to touch during summer months. During a border wall meeting at the White House last month amid the coronavirus pandemic, the president told senior adviser Jared Kushner and aides to move forward with the paint job and to seek out cost estimates, according to four administration officials with knowledge of the meeting.”

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