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Trump’s Campaign: “Trump has been fully and completely exonerated” by Mueller Report

Trump’s Campaign: “Trump has been fully and completely exonerated” by Mueller Report

Now that the Mueller investigation has concluded, the Trump campaign is busily trumpeting the idea that Trump and his associates have been completely cleared of any and all wrongdoing. Nevermind the fact that this is completely not true; after all, the very report they reference says that further investigation just might have uncovered evidence of criminal activity.

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Of course, this did not stop the Trump campaign from sending out an email to supporters that insists on their version of events being correct. The email went much further than that, though. It actually suggested that the people involved in probing the Trump campaign, the administration, and even Trump himself should be investigated, charged, and jailed, for daring to look into potential wrongdoing on the part of Team Trump. The email reads, in part:

“President Trump has been fully and completely exonerated yet again. Now the tables have turned, and it’s time to investigate the liars who instigated this sham investigation into President Trump, motivated by political retribution and based on no evidence whatsoever.”

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The letter then goes on to say that the “Obama-era DOJ and the FBI must answer for their misdeeds and the scam that was perpetrated against the American people. Justice will be served.”

So, in other words, these people are suggesting that the very notion of investigating Donald Trump and those around him warrants investigations, charges, and jailings. People have always said that Trump and those around him were very authoritarian in nature. This is evidence that this assessment is true.

And let’s not get started on the fact that the entire email is a complete lie. Trump and his people are not exonerated, not even by the report they are quoting themselves.

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