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Trump’s Campaign Manager Just Gave Twitter an Ultimatum

Trump’s Campaign Manager Just Gave Twitter an Ultimatum

Over the past week, President Trump has been very critical of the social media website Twitter.  He believes, or at least says he believes, that Twitter, and other web platforms such as Google and Facebook, have been biased towards conservative voices.

Of course he has put forth no solid evidence of such, other than claiming that he’s losing followers and that Republicans are saying that they are being shadowbanned by Twitter employees.

Fact is though, that Democrats and individuals who never post political content at all on Twitter have also experienced these occurrences themselves.

“I can tell you when things are different,” Trump recently said. “And all of a sudden you lose people and you say, ‘Where did they go?’ They’ve taken off.”

Trump certainly doesn’t like the fact that many people on social media are attacking him from different angles, but after all, that’s what “freedom of speech” is all about.

That still has not stopped one Trump surrogate from floating an idea that Trump could actually leave Twitter. Late last night, Trump’s 2020 Campaign Manager Brad Parscale appeared to give Twitter an ultimatum of sorts, tweeting, “But if @realDonaldTrump leaves @Twitter for another platform Twitter is done. Put a fork in it.”

Of course Parscale never actually said that Trump is considering such a move, and in actuality Trump is already on Facebook and Instagram, so his remaining options appear to be quite limited.  Of course there is also the white supremacist-supporting Gab social network, where surely Trump would be welcomed with open arms, but it’s very unlikely he would consider such a move.

Sure, Trump’s departure from Twitter would hurt the company’s bottom line, but we must all remember that Twitter was around for a decade before Trump even became president.

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