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Trump’s Campaign Manager Calls for Sessions to be Fired and the Mueller Investigation Ended

Trump’s Campaign Manager Calls for Sessions to be Fired and the Mueller Investigation Ended

On February 27 of this year, President Trump officially named a man named Brad Parscale as his 2020 re-election campaign manager.  Parscale had previously served as Trump’s digital media director for his 2016 presidential campaign, after having worked for the Trump Organization since 2011.

Brad Parscale caricature – Source: Flickr – DonkeyHotey

Today, via Twitter, Parscale made quite a statement, tweeting, “Time to fire Sessions — End the Mueller investigation — You can’t obstruct something that was phony against you The IG report gives the truth to end it all.”

Although Parscale is calling for the firing of Attorney General Jeff Sessions, apparently as a means to end the Mueller investigation, it isn’t likely that the investigation would be halted simply by getting rid of Sessions.

Several Republican Senators have said that they would not confirm a new attorney general if Sessions were to be fired.  Without a new attorney general being appointed, the Mueller probe would continue to fall under the discretion of Deputy Attorney General Rod Rosenstein.

Parscale was one of the very first people that candidate Donald Trump reached out to in 2015 when he declared himself a candidate for President. He was also one of the main proponents in the hiring of data analytical firm Cambridge Analytica, a company which has been at the forefront of several investigations concerning potentially illegal data gathering and privacy issues.

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It was recently revealed that several former heads of Cambridge Analytica have started a new company and have been hired to work on the GOP’s 2018 mid-term elections and the Trump 2020 re-election campaign.


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