Trump’s ‘Calvary’ Retweet Emphasizes Fear After Election Loss

Most presidents probably don’t spend their last days in office hoping that the cavalry will arrive at the last possible moment to pull off a daring rescue. However, after reports that Donald Trump is desperate and terrified of leaving office, and everything that might enter his life in the days after he exits the White House, it’s no surprise that a post promising him just such a rescue would appeal.

Trump to leave White House for the last time
[Photo by Win McNamee/Getty Images]

Trump tweets a lot, and he retweets a lot, often without any apparent discretion. In this case, however, he’s sharing a post from Kylie Jane Kremer, executive director of Women for Trump. She was promoting the upcoming protests slated for January 6th. On that day, while Congress certifies the electoral vote, Trump supporters plan to hold a ‘wild protest’ in the streets of D.C. Kremer, in her post, promises, “The cavalry is coming, Mr. President!”

Trump has reportedly been complaining about other prominent GOP members seeming to go against him. He’s lashed out at GOP legislators in Georgia for failing to overturn the election, and reportedly complained over the Christmas holiday that Congressional Republicans haven’t jumped on his promise of $2k stimulus checks. In fact, he returned to the White House early from his Mar-a-Lago trip, and neither he nor the White House has released any reason for the change in plans — but insiders say he’s afraid he’s losing the GOP.

[Screenshot via Donald Trump/Twitter]

As you can see, the idea of the cavalry appearing in the final stages of formal confirmation of Joe Biden’s win must have appealed to the president, who retweeted it on his own timeline without adding any comment.

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