Trump’s Approval Ratings Among Jewish People are Extremely Low, as he Claims Jews Are Leaving the Democratic Party

On Friday, President Trump tweeted about a so-called “Jexodus movement,” in which he claimed that Jewish people are leaving the Democratic party.  This came after another tweet on March 12, where Trump quoted Jexodus’ spokeswoman Elizabeth Pipko, as pushing the same narrative.

While there surely are some Jewish people who have left the Democratic party over the past couple of years, while surely others have joined the party as well, the latest data from Gallup polling shows, if anything, that an  overwhelming majority of Jewish people do not support President Trump, and do not identify as Republican.

(Photo by Alex Wong/Getty Images)

According to the data, only 26% of Jewish Americans approve of the job that Trump is doing as president, while a staggering 71% disapprove.

Only 16% of Jewish Americans identify as Republican, while 31% identify as Independents and 52% identify as Democrats.  The data used by Gallup was based on 2018 polling, and it took polling data from 75,000 surveys, which included 938 self-identified Jewish Americans.

Whether or not Trump’s claim that Jewish people are leaving the party, particularly after the much debated comments made by U.S. Congresswoman Ilhan Omar, is yet to be determined.  One thing is for sure though, many more Jewish people support the Democratic party than support President Trump (52% to 26%), at least as of last year.

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