Trump’s Approval Rating Over His Handling Coronavirus Is Crashing Down, Down, Down…

The American public is losing confidence, fast, in President Donald Trump’s ability to lead during the coronavirus global pandemic.

Polling from Morning Consult released this week showcased how the American people had initially approved of Trump’s responses to the disease, but over time found his incompetence and misleading statements over how his administration was managing the situation to be just too much to overlook.

In early February, the poll found that 61 percent of Americans approved of Trump’s response to the virus, while only 21 percent disapproved of his actions. By mid-February, his approval had dropped to 56 percent, but still, only 27 percent disapproved.

The latest polling, released this week, shows a huge dropoff, however — likely in response to the rising number of people reporting being infected (or having perished) from the disease, and Trump’s errant claims about that number “going very substantially down” soon.

Scott Olson/Getty ImagesAccording to the new polling, only 44 percent of Americans approve of Trump’s handling of COVID-19, while 42 percent disapprove. The approval/disapproval ratings are actually a statistical tie due to being within the poll’s margin of error.

In separate polling from The Economist/YouGov, Trump’s numbers are actually underwater: only 37 percent approve of his handling coronavirus in the U.S. so far, while 47 percent say they disapprove (16 percent said they weren’t sure how to rate him).

Criticism of Trump’s mishaps and refusal to listen to healthcare officials about real worries regarding coronavirus have led to other government leaders to be more vocal about their misgivings concerning his ability to handle the situation. Gov. Jay Inslee of Washington, for example, stated in a tweet this past week that he wished Trump would have “stuck to the science” instead of making baseless claims that do more harm than good.

Trump responded to Inslee’s comments, calling him “a snake,” per prior reporting from HillReporter.com.

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