Trump’s ‘Apprentice’ Backstage Tapes Now In Possession Of Ronan Farrow, According To Tom Arnold

Donald Trump secret tapes revealed
Photo Credit: Gage Skidmore via Wikimedia Commons

Omarosa Manigault Newman says that she’s heard a tape of Donald Trump using the racial slur commonly called the ‘n-word’ on the set of The Apprentice. Tom Arnold says that if he can get his hands on one 12-hour backstage tape, a racial slur is the least of what we’ll see. He’s been pursuing these tapes, and now he says some have been handed over and are now in possession of Ronan Farrow — the journalist whose byline has been attached to #metoo stories, and whose reporting on accusations against Harvey Weinstein earned a Pulitzer prize.

Tom Arnold and Mark Burnett, producer on The Apprentice, had a physical altercation Sunday night, just two days before Arnold’s Hunt for the Trump Tapes series premiere. Arnold describes the incident as an unprovoked attack on him.

He’s been open about the fact that his pursuit of this piece of evidence against the sitting president has gotten on some people’s nerves — he even tweeted a show promo that referred to his task as “bothering” folks like Howard Stern, Rosie O’Donnell, and Anthony Scaramucci, among others. (Howard Stern has previously shared some of what Trump said to him in conversation — like discussing his daughter Ivanka’s body as a ’10,’ according to Rolling Stone. Arnold is seeking the uncut tapes that he believes will reveal Trump has said more and worse.)

Now a Deadline report suggests those tapes could be on their way to publication. Witnesses present at the pre-Emmy party say that after Arnold’s physical altercation with Burnett, in which he says Burnett “went ape-sh*t and choked” him, he shared loudly telling those around him that the Apprentice tapes had been handed over to Ronan Farrow.

He didn’t, in that conversation, reveal the content of the tapes, but Newsweek reported back in July what he claimed the tapes would reveal.

My whole goal, really, is to get one 12-hour day of the boardrooms shoot. Because if America could see that, they’d know what’s going on in the White House right now, how incompetent the guy is. That’s really my goal. It’s not to hear one N-word. And by the way, you’d hear much worse than that.

Tom Arnold’s show airs tomorrow on Viceland, and the schedule promises the first night will include clips of Trump from The Howard Stern Show as well as The Apprentice. The Apprentice portions are described as outtakes, not the full-day tapes Arnold wanted, so it’s not clear whether the longer tapes are the ones Ronan Farrow is allegedly holding. However, Trump has been accused of inappropriate sexual behavior by a former Apprentice contestant, and handing the tapes over to a journalist so strongly associated with the #metoo movement can only fuel speculation about the contents.

Hill Reporter has reached out to Ronan Farrow, regarding these claims, but have yet to hear back from him.

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