Trump’s Aides Have To Keep Reminding Him To Stop Acting Like A Jerk During Coronavirus Crisis

Sources with knowledge of some of the goings-ons at the White House say that President Donald Trump is needing constant reminders from aides to scale back his dismissive and abrasive rhetoric during the coronavirus crisis.

According to reporting from Reuters, who spoke to two sources on the subject, Trump, on at least two separate occasions, had to be told that his tone was not appropriate or what the American people wanted to hear from him, given the circumstances.

Gage Skidmore/Flickr

One circumstance involved the president responding to a query from a reporter at the White House, who had asked him what message he had for citizens who were scared during the crisis. Trump responded indignantly to the question, calling it a “very nasty question” and describing the journalist as a “terrible reporter.”

Advisers to the president told him that he should have instead responded with a more nuanced answer — “something real, something emotional, something heartfelt,” one source told Reuters.

On another occasion, Trump was reprimanded by aides for the derogatory and bigoted name he chose to call COVID-19 by, opting to use the racist term “Chinese Virus” in order to blame that nation for its spread (since that time, the U.S. has surpassed China in the number of recorded cases of the disease).

The president’s people, according to a second source, tried to appeal to his antagonistic nature in with the media in order to get him to stop behaving like a racist, telling Trump that his using the term would give them more reason to report negatively about him. Trump changed his tone at press briefings, and also later tweeted out, “it is very important that we totally protect our Asian American community.”

Trump’s behavior for much of the crisis has been questionable, to say the least. In February, when he could have been better preparing for the impending spread of coronavirus throughout the country, he chose instead to go on the attack toward the media and Democrats, calling their concerns about the disease their new “hoax” against him.

According to recent polling, 58 percent of Americans believe Trump’s initial response to the crisis was “too slow.”

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