#TrumpIsGuilty Trends After His Attorney General Testifies Before Congress

On January 6th, supporters of Donald Trump stormed the U.S. Capitol Building. Despite strawmen and conspiracy theories, all the evidence, including videos posted by the attackers, intelligence gathered by Federal law enforcement, and admissions by those charged in the attack, supports the premise that the crowd listened to Trump’s speech telling them that the election confirmation must be stopped, and then acted in a (failed) attempt to stop the election from being confirmed.

Donald Trump is indefensible
[Photo by Pete Marovich – Pool/Getty Images]

What isn’t on camera or in public evidence, however, is what Trump did after he told the mob he would be with them at the Capitol Building. Though we know he returned to the White House, there are witnesses who aren’t talking. On Saturday, however, one such witness spoke to the Senate Judiciary Committee for hours, recounting details of that day: Trump’s Acting Attorney General, Jeffrey Rosen.

What he said behind closed doors was sufficient to prompt one lawmaker to describe it as “dramatic evidence of how intent Trump was in overthrowing the election.”

As the news of this hit social media, the public conclusion was clear in the trending hashtag: #TrumpIsGuilty.

That’s quite a consensus. Meanwhile, the House Committee formed to investigate the attack on Congress and democracy has interviewed four officers who were part of the effort to defend and protect the Capitol Building that day, and one of the Republican members of the bipartisan committee has already said that issuing subpoenas to legislators who spoke with Trump during the attempted insurrection is on the table.

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