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Trump “Won Some States Double” Mike Lindell Claims, Alleging Fraud In Every State

Trump “Won Some States Double” Mike Lindell Claims, Alleging Fraud In Every State

In a Presidential election, each state counts its votes and selects electors to represent them, by slightly varying processes, so that in most states, one candidate gets the entire electoral vote regardless of exactly what the percentages are. With that in mind, how exactly does a candidate “win [a state] double?” Nobody but Mike Lindell, who invented the phrase mid-rant.

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Mike Lindell was yet again on a video rant complaining about Trump’s election loss, and pretending that it didn’t happen. Running with the conspiracy theory, Lindell added a new spin: not only does he still claim that Trump is the “real president,” and that election fraud kept him out of office, but now the MyPillow guy says that there were actually cyber attacks perpetuating vote-flipping in every state — even the ones Trump really did win.

“He won ’em double! He won those states double!” Lindell seems to ad-lib as he goes on, spitting out numbers. “Ohio, he won by fifteen percent, not seven percent! Iowa, double! Florida, double!”

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It’s true that Trump didn’t win Ohio by only 7% — he won it with an 8% margin, as you can see documented here by Politico. There’s no evidence, however, for Lindell’s claim that Trump won the state by more than that — he didn’t even get the real number right.

Of course, if it was true that Trump had won some states by a larger margin, it wouldn’t change the election outcome, as those states already assigned him their entire electoral vote, as previously mentioned. However, it’s the second time that Trump has lost the popular vote, although he did win the electoral vote in 2016, and he’s made it very clear he doesn’t accept the popular vote losses any more than he accepts the official loss in 2020.

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