Trump Withholds World Health Organization Funds As Coronavirus Lockdown Creates Global Economic Crisis

One of the most important organizations in containing the coronavirus pandemic is the World Health Organization.

However, with the spread of the disease halting the economy worldwide, the world has also been plunged into an economic crisis the likes that have not been seen since the Great Depression.

Gage Skidmore/Wikimedia

As President Trump is eager to reopen the United States economy to avoid a complete crash, he has, in the process, decided to cease funding to the World Health Organization (WHO). He cites the entity’s mishandling of the pandemic in doing so.

The COVID-19 death toll is now over 125,000 across the globe, and more than 2 million people worldwide have contracted the virus. As the pandemic rages on, the president has ordered the equivalent of a $4 million financial freeze to the essential organization.

Trump says that the funds are being withheld as his administration investigates what he calls ‚Äúseverely mismanaging and covering up the spread of the coronavirus.” Trump went on to say that there would have been “very little death” had the WHO acted quicker and efficiently regarding the disease’s original outbreak.

The action did not please the people at the United Nations, who have criticized Trump’s decision to withhold the large amount of money. Microsoft Founder and philanthropist Bill Gates also had choice words for Trump, calling his move “as dangerous as it sounds.”

Trump’s broadside comes amid a record-breaking 2,228 new coronavirus cases within a 24-hour period. Still, Trump says that the United States would go back to normal in “beautiful little pieces,” depending on the severity of the pandemic in any given area.

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