Trump Withdraws Troops From Germany As Russia May Be Preparing To Challenge NATO Forces Near Western Borders

The Western Military District press service announced on Friday that Russia is assigning more military personnel to its western region. The location is where US-led NATO forces have been operating. It was announced that the Separate Guards Motorized Rifle Sevastopol Red Banner Brigade would be assigned to Moscow’s Novomoskovsky Administrative District. They will be working alongside the Guards Red Banner Tank Army. Tass Russian News Agency, which is state-run says the two units are there “to perform tasks on ensuring the defense of the Russian Federation in the Western strategic direction.”

This now comes with a major update. As reported by Olga Lautman on Twitter, President Trump has seemingly taken Germany by surprise by announcing troop withdrawals from Germany. This seems to have happened after a phone call between President Trump and Vladimir Putin.

The State-run agency said the units are in possession of ¬†“more modern weapons and specialized vehicles.”¬† According to the Russian military, the units also possess T-90A tanks, BTR-82A armored carriers, BMP-3 combat vehicles, and 9A34 Strela-10 and 2S6M Tunguska air defense systems.

The move seemed to be triggered by what ¬†Colonel General Sergei Rudskoi of the Russian General Staff called “anti-Russian’ activities by the United States and its NATO allies. Although the U.S. and NATO were forced to lighten their troop levels due to the coronavirus the U.S. found other ways to increase its presence.

U.S. Sixth Fleet commander Navy Vice Admiral Lisa Franchetti had this to say at the time, “In these challenging times, it is more important than ever that we maintain our steady drumbeat of operations across the European theater while taking prudent measures to protect the health of our force.” She added, “We remain committed to promoting regional security and stability while building trust and reinforcing a foundation of Arctic readiness.”

Now one has to wonder how Trump’s troop withdrawal from Germany will affect NATO’s readiness in the region.

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