Trump Whips Up a New Conspiracy Theory About His Slow Walk Down West Point Ramp

Last year during the Republican National Convention, it became clear that Donald Trump did not have a platform or any new ideas. He was never going to try to attack Joe Biden’s political strategy. Instead, Trump argued that Biden was too old and feeble to be the next president.

Photo by David Dee Delgado/Getty Images

That strategy seemed hypocritical following Trump’s June graduation speech at West Point last summer. Following the address, Trump walked down a metal ramp at an incredibly slow pace. It is clear that the moment and it’s coverage still bothers the former president. So much, in fact, that he created a conspiracy theory about it during his North Carolina speech.

Trump told the crowd, “Now when I made the best speech I’ve ever made, they said it was at West Point. And it was pouring and I had a ramp that was an iceskating rink.” It was not pouring that day or even raining. It was a clear and sunny day.

The former president continued, “So I walked gingerly down — that was on every newscast in the world and I never went down. I never went down, either, I never went on my ass, I’ll tell you, I wasn’t going to fall. I think that was a boobytrap.”

Trump continued the lie, saying, “I’ll never forget that ramp, that was like a sheet of ice. It was cold, rainy and that ramp was long and steep.”

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