Trump: Washington Governor Jay Inslee Is “A Snake”

Jay Inslee, the Governor of Washington State, grew his national profile in the last year by running for President. After using the national profile to highlight the need for more climate science, Inslee dropped from the race in August of 2019.

Karen Ducey/Getty Images

Since the end of February, Inslee has been dealing with Washington’s outbreak of coronavirus. The state currently has 70 cases on record. Inslee recently thanked Mike Pence for his help in combating the illness, leading Trump to refer to the Governor as “a snake.”

The Washington Governor wrote on his Twitter feed, “I just received a call from Mike Pence thanking Washington state for our efforts to combat the coronavirus. I told him our work would be more successful if the Trump administration stuck to the science and told the truth.”

Pence recently met with the Governor and the Vice President was complimentary towards Inslee’s efforts.

This didn’t make the President happy. When asked about Pence’s comments, Trump said, “I told Mike not to be complimentary to the governor, because that governor is a snake. I said, ‘if you’re nice to him he will take advantage.”

Trump continued, “Let me just tell you, we have a lot of problems with the governor… So, Mike may be happy with him, but I’m not.”


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