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Trump Wants to Combat Mass Shootings by Building More Mental Institutions

Trump Wants to Combat Mass Shootings by Building More Mental Institutions

Following the recent mass shootings in El Paso and Dayton, lawmakers have been talking about solutions to prevent more violence. Democratic ideas are typically concerned with reducing access to automatic weapons. Republican ideas have been focus on things outside of gun control, like using red flag laws and censoring video games.

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Speaking to the press prior to his rally in New Hampshire tonight, Donald Trump offered a new potential solution. The President talked about the possibility of the federal government building additional mental institutions.

Trump told reporters, “We’re going to be looking at that very closely and we’re looking at the whole gun situation. I do want people to remember the words mental illness. These people are mentally ill and nobody talks about that, but these are mentally ill people. And people have to start thinking about it.”

The President continued, “I think we have to start building institutions again because you know, if you look at the ’60s and the ’70s, so many of these institutions were closed, and the people were just allowed to go onto the streets. And that was a terrible thing for our country. … A lot of our conversation has to do with the fact that we have to open up institutions. We can’t let these people be on the streets.”

Many psychologists have suggested that mental illness isn’t a factor in many of these shootings. Following the recent shootings, Arthur Evans from the American Psychological Association said, “Until we begin to have our political leaders speaking more accurately to these issues, it’s up to us to put the facts out there.”

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