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Trump Wants People to Hear About Ukrainian Corruption Uncovered by Giuliani

Trump Wants People to Hear About Ukrainian Corruption Uncovered by Giuliani

While Rudy Giuliani is both Donald Trump’s friend and lawyer, he can often make things harder on the him. This includes the President’s current impeachment inquiry problem. The problem is bad enough that some of Trump’s advisers have reportedly urged him to get rid of Giuliani.

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Instead, Trump had remained fiercely loyal to Giuliani who has been a friend to him since early on in his campaign. The former mayor spent parts of the last week in Ukraine looking to find evidence of corruption. On Sunday, the President claimed that Giuliani had dug up plenty or dirt and wants him to share it with the public.

The President’s lawyer flew to the Ukraine along with political network One America News. The TV station is filming a documentary about Giuliani’s attempts to find corruption.

Trump said of the trip, “I just know he came back from someplace and he’s going to make a report. I think the Attorney General and the Congress, he’s going to give us a lot of good information.”

The President said that he would like Giuliani to share his findings with lawmakers. He continued:

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“I haven’t spoken to him about that information. But Rudy as you know has been one of the great crimefighters in the last 50 years. He did get back from Europe just recently and he has not told me what he’s found but I think he wants to go before Congress and say – and also the Attorney General and the Department of Justice. I hear he’s found plenty, yeah.”


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