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Trump Wants a Border Meeting With Schumer ASAP

Trump Wants a Border Meeting With Schumer ASAP

Since the latter part of last year, a number of Democratic lawmakers have visited migrant detention camps. Late last week, New York Senator and Senate Minority Leader, Chuck Schumer made a trip to the southern border facilities. Schumer said that he found the treatment of the asylum seekers to be “heartbreaking.”

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President Donald Trump was quick to respond to the New York Senator’s tweets. According to the President, Schumer should have noticed all the “illegal immigrants” among the migrants and that the two of them should meet as soon as possible.

After his visit to the camps, Schumer wrote, “What we saw today in facilities at the southern border was unbearable, inhumane, heartbreaking. Migrants and families and kids coming to America searching for a better life CANNOT be treated this way. This is not who we are. This must end. Now.”

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Trump immediately tried to correct the Senator. “Senator Chuck Schumer has finally gone to the Southern Border with some Democrat Senators,” tweeted the President. “This is a GREAT thing! Nearby, he missed a large group of Illegal Immigrants trying to enter the USA illegally. They wildly rushed Border Patrol. Some Agents were badly injured. Based on the comments made by Senator Schumer, he must have seen how dangerous & bad for our Country the Border is. It is not a “manufactured crisis,” as the Fake News Media & their Democrat partners tried to portray. He said he wants to meet. I will set up a meeting ASAP”


Schumer has yet to respond to the President’s request.


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