Trump Walks Out Of 60 Minutes Interview, Lashes Out At Interviewer Over Masks

It’s not clear what questions 60 Minutes interviewer Lesley Stahl asked Donald Trump, but all indications are that he wasn’t happy. After the interview, he tweeted an attack on Stahl over masks, and reports say that he walked out and refused to finish the interview.

Donald Trump 60 minutes interview did not go well
[Photo by MANDEL NGAN/AFP via Getty Images]

Donald Trump, who has refused to wear masks and been criticized for removing his within a few feet of a photographer after returning to the White House from National Walter Reed Military Medical Center, lashed out at 60 Minutes interviewer Lesley Stahl for not wearing a mask. The contradiction with his own behavior sparked speculation that the mask wasn’t what he was actually upset about.

Sure enough, CNN correspondent Kaitlan Collins was told that there was “some drama” during the taping of Trump’s interview, resulting in him walking out and refusing to complete the interview process.

Trump had already been involved with minor controversy with the show this week, complaining about Dr. Anthony Fauci appearing for an interview.

Ironically, while Trump cited the appearance as evidence that Fauci is not, as has been previously alleged, prevented by the Trump administration from appearing on television, Fauci said during the discussion that he has been forbidden to go on some shows. According to CBS, Fauci said, “You know, I think you’d have to be honest and say yes. I certainly have not been allowed to go on many, many, many shows that have asked for me,” going on to confirm that the administration has restricted the flow of information but that “it hasn’t been consistent.”

Trump has previously asserted that he is now immune to COVID-19 and could safely run into a rally audience and kiss everyone, so it’s not completely clear why he thinks Stahl needed a mask to speak to him. He’s also been reported to forbid people in the White House to wear masks, leading even Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell to speak disparagingly of the White House policy on masks.

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