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Trump Wags the Dog With Iran Tweet

Trump Wags the Dog With Iran Tweet

Donald Trump is entering the last weeks of his lame duck period, and his desperation is showing as he’s trying everything he can to stay in office and avoid prosecution in New York State once Joe Biden and Kamala Harris are sworn in on January 20th. As all of his attempts to overturn the election have failed him, Trump is growing more unhinged and unstable, and that’s what makes him more dangerous than at any other time in his four-year reign of ineptitude.

Tensions rose earlier this year between Iran and the US after Iranian General Qasem Soleimani was killed after a US attack on the influential Iranian military leader. Iran responded by firing more than a dozen missiles that struck two airbases in Iraq that houses U.S. troops, the Pentagon confirmed. Iran said at the time that it did not seek to escalate tensions between the two nations.

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Political pundits have worried about Trump’s temper leading to a potential war with any of his perceived enemies. More than once, it seemed he was inching us closer to dangerous altercations with a tweet, only to pull it back at the last minute. This is one of Trump’s tactics that seems to keep working despite the transparency: he threatens, people get scared and scramble to appease him, then he acts like he changed his mind in the interest of being magnanimous.

Of course, that’s not the case. Trump doesn’t do anything that doesn’t benefit him in some way, and he doesn’t care if avoiding prosecution comes with a body count. He’ll never hold Putin accountable for the bounties on our military because he famously sees them as “losers and suckers” who are expendable because they inexplicably signed up for it. So it’s nothing to him to threaten war with Iran on Twitter if it’ll keep him in office past his move-out deadline.

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However, it just might be that Trump tweeted the picture before looking at it, because he’s Trump.



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