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Trump Urges Early Voters to Change Their Ballots

Trump Urges Early Voters to Change Their Ballots

Donald Trump and the Republicans secretly really must think they can’t win the election fairly. They have dozens of lawyers pursuing voter suppression legal action all across the country, they have Trump acolyte Mike Huckabee encouraging people to vote multiple times and now today we have Trump exhorting people who have voted early to change their ballots. To him, of course.

Shortly after a segment aired on Fox & Friends this morning that claimed that the phrase “can I change my vote?” was trending on Google, Trump tweeted this to encourage vote changing:


The Fox segment and an accompanying piece in the New York Post claim that interest in vote changing has surged since those two Rupert Murdoch-owned spin machines tried to peddle a Hunter Biden laptop story. Trump’s tweet says it began trending “immediately after the second debate.” Neither is true.

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A quick look at Google Trends real-time statistics show there was a consistently low level of search interest in the term over the past 30 days. There was no spike in interest after the Post’s first Hunter Biden story on Oct. 14, nor was there any spike right after last week’s debate. The only time Google’s metrics show interest was immediately after the Fox segment in the show’s 6:00 a.m. hour. As of 9:00 a.m. even that blip was dying off.

Second, Trump’s claim that most states permit a mailed or dropped off paper ballot to be changed also is a lie. There are only a handful of states – New York, Michigan, Minnesota, Wisconsin, Pennsylvania, Connecticut and Mississippi – that allow voters to withdraw and change a ballot that they have either mailed in or dropped off. In some of those states the deadline for doing so already has passed. Key swing states like Florida, Ohio and Arizona do not allow for vote changing.

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