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Trump Unblocks Significant Number of Resistance Twitter Users, But Not Everyone

Trump Unblocks Significant Number of Resistance Twitter Users, But Not Everyone

Back in May, a Federal Judge ruled that Trump was violating the First Amendment to the Constitution by blocking users from viewing his Twitter account, after Knight Institute filed a lawsuit on behalf of 7 individuals.  Trump subsequently unblocked these 7 individuals named in the lawsuit, but did not unblock the dozens, if not hundreds of other accounts which are unable to see his tweets.

Over the course of the past several months, Knight Institute has put together a list of individuals who remained blocked, and earlier this month they submitted a list of 41 names and usernames to the president’s attorneys, asking that he unblock all of them as well as anyone else who he continues to block.

Yesterday evening, many of these individuals finally got their wish and were unblocked by the President of the United States.  I happen to be one of these users.  My account, @EdKrassen, had been blocked since May of 2017, after I responded to one of the president’s tweets with a critical remark stating, “Are you still obsessing over the woman who beat you in the popular vote??”

Apparently Trump didn’t enjoy the fact that I brought up the fact that Hillary Clinton received more popular votes than he did, but I wasn’t alone in my criticism.  Trump had made it a habit over the past year and a half to block those who critiqued him in a way which he didn’t like.

It appears as though a significant portion of those accounts on the list of 41 sent to the president from Knight Institute, have in fact been unblocked as of last night.  With this said, however, a few of these account still remain blocked for some reason.

Writer, TEDx speaker, and author Dani Bostick tells Hill Reporter that her account remains blocked as of this morning, despite her name being included on the list.

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“A few of us are on the list but did not get unblocked,” Bostick tells us. “Maybe tomorrow.”

Additionally many accounts, which were not included on the list of names, also remain blocked.  The President appears to be reluctant to unblock his critics, but it’s definitely a good sign that he is at least partially adhering to the judge’s ruling, despite the fact that his attorneys are appealing it.

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