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Trump: Twitter Makes it Hard for People to Follow Me And It’s Potentially Illegal

Trump: Twitter Makes it Hard for People to Follow Me And It’s Potentially Illegal

Donald Trump met with Tucker Carlson last night for a wide ranging interview that delved into a number of topics. Among the topics discussed were the situations in Iran and Afghanistan as well as the homeless problem in the United States.

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Of course, Trump and Carlson also took some time to discuss the internet and social media. The duo discussed Google and Trump’s favorite platform, Twitter. The President told the Fox News host that he feels Twitter intentionally makes it hard for his fans to follow him.

Trump explained to the host:

“If you look at Twitter, I have millions and millions of people on Twitter and it’s — you know, it’s a very good arm for me. It’s great social media. But they don’t treat me right. And I know for a fact, I mean, a lot of people try and follow me and it’s very hard. I have so many people coming up that they say, ‘Sir, it’s so hard. They make it hard to follow.’ What they’re doing is wrong and possibly illegal. And a lot of things are being looked at right now.”

The President also felt that his supporters are discriminated against by Google. Carlson asked, “They don’t want you reelected. Can you get reelected if Google is against you?” Trump replied, “I won. They were totally against me. Google is very powerful, but I won.”

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During the segment, Trump also argued that current polling numbers against him. He told Carlson he is at, “54 or 55, and they do say you can add 10 to whatever poll I have, okay?”


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