Trump Tweets That he is Going to Tennessee Today, But he’s Not

This morning, in a storm of tweets from President Trump, he attacked the Democrats repeatedly, while also claiming that he’s not working for the Kremlin.   The most disturbing tweet from the president this morning, however, may be one that he has since deleted.

At 7:32 AM ET this morning, President Trump made a tweet, that read:

“Getting ready to address the Farm Convention today in Nashville, Tennessee. Love our farmers, love Tennessee – a great combination! See you in a little while.”

About 5 minutes later, this tweet was deleted, as it turns out that Trump isn’t actually going to Nashville, Tennessee for the Farm Convention today after all.  Actually the Farm Convention isn’t even taking place in Nashville, Tennessee, but rather in New Orleans, LA.

It appears as though President Trump thought he was heading to Nashville, but in actuality he is scheduled to speak at the convention in Louisiana.

Photo credit: Michael Vadon/Flickr

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