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Trump Tweets a Terribly Incorrect Fox Poll Graphic

Trump Tweets a Terribly Incorrect Fox Poll Graphic

This morning, Fox Business posted a Georgetown Poll showing Donald Trump’s approval rating at 55% and economy approval at 58%. The president quickly seized on the graphic tweeting it and writing, “Great News!”

The numbers Fox posted, however, were quickly proven to be wrong. Mo Elleithee, the Director of Georgetown Politics, replied that the numbers were inaccurate.

“I’m the Director of Georgetown Politics,” wrote Elleithee, “and this graphic is incorrect. The Battleground Poll shows 58% approval on the economy. But it shows only 58% approval on the economy. The 55% number is the president’s unfavorable rating (only 40% favorable).”

Poll expert, Harry Enten, from CNN also weighed in on the Fox News graphic. He wrote, “This isn’t right. The Georgetown poll had Trump’s approval at 43%. Further, no poll (not Rasmussen not anybody) has had the President’s approval at 55% or higher nationally in over two years.”

The Rasmussen Poll that Enten references is often very favorable to the president compared to others. The latest Rasmussen survey has Trump at a 51% approval rating. The average of all credible national polls, however, shows Trump at only 41.9% approval with 52.8% disapproving.

Trump became upset with Fox News over their coverage of polls in December of 2018. A poll taken by the network had Trump at a 46% approval rating. He told Fox & Friends host, Harris Faulkner, “Frankly, Fox has always given me a bad poll. I don’t know why that is.”

While Trump is willing to laud polls that are favorable, he has no time for the ones that aren’t. He continued, “The news and the polls are fake. I have the greatest base in history.”

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