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Trump Tweeted (Or Retweeted Others) An Astounding 102 Times On Sunday

Trump Tweeted (Or Retweeted Others) An Astounding 102 Times On Sunday

While any other person might be seen as a social media addict for doing the same, President Donald Trump sent a total of 102 tweets or retweets to his millions of followers on Sunday.

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Social media experts say that posting that much is completely unnecessary. According to Louise Myers, who hosts a website entirely dedicated to visual social media best practices and habits, some popular social media accounts do go up to 100 tweets per day — but doing so is highly irregular, she writes, and 30 tweets per day is probably enough.

Trump’s excessive tweeting, no matter what the topic is about, typically coincides with a negative outcome: as reporting from HillReporter.com has revealed, when Trump tweets more than 35 times per day, one can usually expect the stock market to react negatively. Indeed, pre-market numbers on Monday demonstrated that the New York Stock Exchange could expect to open lower on Monday than it closed at over the weekend.

Trump’s tweets on Sunday ran the gamut of topics, and as CNN’s Brian Stelter noted, most of them were retweets from other users whose opinions he wanted to promote — particularly because they were promoting himself.

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Stelter’s tweet stated that Trump made a few last-minute posts, bringing his total up to 101. By the time Stelter tweeted, however, Trump made one final tweet, bringing his total up to 102 for the day.

According to TrumpTwitterArchive.com, among the tweets Trump sent out or retweeted:

  • 76 of them were retweets;
  • 31 of the tweets or retweets included the words impeach, impeaching, or impeachment;
  • Many seemed to take aim at his political opponents, with 18 of the tweets being sent out using the word “Democrat” or “Democrats,” and 11 of the tweets saying “Dems,” for a total of 29 tweets making reference to the party;
  • 9 of the tweets featured Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi, while five made mention of Rep. Adam Schiff, chair of the House Intelligence Committee who led the impeachment inquiry for the past two months;
  • One tweet made mention of former President Barack Obama, while another singular tweet was a retweet of an image Trump sent out before, featuring his head superimposed on fictional boxer Rocky Balboa.

To put things in perspective, according to the archive, Trump tweeted about 898 times in the month of November alone — or, on average, just slightly less than 30 tweets per day.

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