Trump Tried To Fire Ivanka And Jared — ‘Get Rid Of My Kids!’ He Told Chief Of Staff, Book Alleges

President Donald Trump is known inside and outside of the White House for having a penchant for firing people.

Photo by Alex Wong/Getty Images

He made a career out of doing so on the “reality” television program “The Apprentice,” where he would tell a contestant each week, “You’re fired.” Since becoming president, a number of his staffers have been fired or forced to resign as well.

But a new book details that Trump sought to fire two individuals who are very close to him: His own daughter and son-in-law.

According to the book “Kushner Inc.,” which is set to be released to the public later this month, a White House source detailed to author and investigative journalist Vicky Ward that Trump had requested his then-Chief of Staff John Kelly to fire Ivanka Trump and Jared Kushner.

“Get rid of my kids. Get them back to New York!” Trump allegedly told Kelly, per reporting from Raw Story.

But the president’s chief of staff refused to do so, stating to Trump that it’d be difficult to employ such a move without his direct involvement. If he wanted Ivanka and Jared fired, he’d have to do it himself, Kelly told Trump.

Ultimately, the pair were not fired.

The White House has denied the allegations, according to reporting from CNN, and Axios reported that Kushner’s lawyer Abbe Lowell has also vehemently denied his client almost getting fired by the president.

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