Trump Touts GOP Stardom Of Georgia Q-Anon Candidate Whose Racism & Threats Have Gone Viral

Donald Trump tweeted Wednesday morning to congratulate a congressional candidate from Georgia on her primary win. He called her a “future Republican star.” She’s well-known for going viral with racist rants and even a threat against protesters.

Marjorie Taylor Greene is a Republican star, says Donald Trump
[Screenshot via Marjorie Taylor Greene/YouTube]

Marjorie Taylor Green went viral in June with a short campaign video in which she brandishes a rifle and warns Antifa to stay out of her state. Politico also collected a series of video clips of her racist rants, below. She claims there’s an “Islamic invasion” in government, saying that someone whose religion requires them to wear a head covering shouldn’t be allowed in the U.S. government. She says that the real problem Hispanic and Black men face isn’t racism, but their gang membership, drug-dealing, and lack of education. “That’s not a white person thing.”

Though Politico collected these clips in the context of sharing that Republican leadership was condemning some of Greene’s rhetoric, and expressing concerns about how she’ll represent their party, the president didn’t seem to share those fears.

Instead, in his congratulation tweet, he praised Greene for being strong and never backing down.

She’s also known for touting Q-Anon conspiracy theories, as BBC reports, about the so-called “deep state” and the purported worldwide conspiracies against Donald Trump. Currently Q-Anon accounts are facing a crackdown from social media sites for the dangerous misinformation they spread, and the FBI has even designated the group as a dangerous extremist domestic threat, but in a YouTube video, Green praised the founder, who goes by the name “Q,” calling him a patriot.

Greene celebrated her win by expressing a similar conspiracy claim, that she’s been persecuted and attacked by liars who hoped to intimidate Georgia voters, but won despite it all.

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