Watch As Trump Ascends Air Force One With Toilet Paper Dangling From His Shoe

Everyone has an embarrassing moment in their life. Whether it’s accidentally belching at a fancy dinner meeting, calling someone by the wrong name, or boarding an airplane in front of tens of thousands of viewers with toilet paper stuck to the bottom of one’s shoe, we all experience these experiences at some point in our lives.

Perhaps that last example was a bad one, but for the President of the United States, it’s exactly what happened yesterday, and it’s all recorded on tape.

While President Trump left his limo and walked up the stairs of Air Force One, leaving his latest rally in Minnesota, a stubborn piece of presidential toilet paper clung to his left shoe. It was then, after ascending all 14 stairs of the aircraft, that the toilet paper dislodged at the entrance of the plane.

After the President entered Air Force Once, four other people walked up the steps, with the last one bending down to pick un the stubborn bottom-wiper with their bare hands. The video of the incident can be seen below:

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