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Trump To Screw Over Most Renters Despite Promising Relief

Trump To Screw Over Most Renters Despite Promising Relief

If there’s anything worse than electing a washed-up reality T star and pathological liar, it’s being forced to stay home and watch his daily press briefings.

One might call it fireside bullsh*t, but the fact remains that millions of Americans are in week two and waiting for the much needed financial assistance they were promised. But when you have a president who breaks promises like he breaks wedding vows, all bets are off.

Most Americans who rent their home, most of whom are facing abrupt work stoppage in the sudden economic slowdown caused by the coronavirus outbreak, will not be eligible for eviction protections despite what our hoax president has said.

Here’s the thing: half of renters rent their home from an individual investor, while the other half rent from a business or multi-unit property owner. The ones renting from a business will sadly not receive any protections according to HUD’s proposal.

“That’s the problem with (HUD’s proposal). It only impacts a very small amount of people. We need big-scale solutions,” said Andrea Shapiro of the Metropolitan Council on Housing, a New York-based housing advocacy organization.

Worse still, HUD has no virtual power to shield renters in public housing authorities located across the country. HUD Secretary Ben Carson said this week on Twitter that the agency is working with Congress to get that authority to protect renters in public housing authorities.

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“HUD has been in contact with every Public Housing Agency in the country to ensure the millions of low-income Americans we serve continue to have a roof over their head,” Carson said.

But while Washington has proven more useless than usual, the states have been stepping in and leading their residents throughout this unmitigated disaster. In the heavily impacted state of New Jersey, Governor Phil Murphy has ordered evictions and foreclosures to stop during the duration of the Coronavirus.

November can’t come soon enough.

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