Trump to Get On-Air Medical Checkup on Fox

Fox News has announced that Donald Trump will make his first live television appearance since being diagnosed with COVID-19 on Tucker Carlson’s Friday evening show and Dr. Marc Siegel will conduct a medical evaluation and interview during the program.

Fox’s brief statement doesn’t specify how Siegel will carry out his exam — in person or virtually — or exactly what kinds of tests might be involved, but it does note: “The public has largely received information about the president’s condition from his daily tweets and updates from his medical team.” Nor was there any indication how or if Carlson would participate in the medical evaluation.

Over the past several days Trump health updates have come in the form of written statements that do not address important questions about Trump’s condition, including when he last tested negative for COVID-19, what were the results of the imaging of his lungs and how low did his blood oxygen level drop last week.

The president’s appearance on Carlson’s show will be his third guest slot on a Fox network in just the past two days. Trump, who slammed Democratic candidate Joe Biden’s town hall appearance last week on NBC as “an in-kind contribution,” has gotten significant free air time from the network this week. Thursday morning he spent nearly an hour in a high decibel exchange with Fox Business host Maria Bartoromo in which he, among other things rejected the idea of participating in a virtual debate with Biden, criticized Attorney General William Barr for not indicting his political enemies and called vice presidential candidate Sen. Kamala Harris (D-Calif.) a “monster.”

He ended the day yesterday with a 25 minutes call in to Sean Hannity, during which he made two of his more bizarre statements since being pumped full of steroids. First, he said that the military is going to begin delivering to hospitals the drugs he was administered to treat his case of coronavirus – for free. Then he predicted that California is “gonna have to ration water … because they send millions of gallons of water out to the Pacific because they want to take care of certain tiny little fish that aren’t doing very well without water.”

Listen for yourself:

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