Trump Throws Twitter Tantrum, Accuses Fox News Of Working With Dems

The incoherent orange swamp monster of a president apparently had a bad TV-time session on Monday after seeing a Fox News poll that wasn’t skewered to his personal liking.

Rae Whitlock/Wikimedia

With the exception of a few straight news hosts, Fox News is basically the State-sponsored news network and spends hours upon hours promulgating misinformation to make the man-baby happy. However, it appears a tiny portion of the network that’s devoted to providing actual news perturbed the president after a series of polls reflected unfavorably on his reelection chances.

A majority of respondents answered in the affirmative to questions about whether Trump has abused power, obstructed Congress, and committed bribery while in office. Other polls the network conducted showed the president losing in many head-to-head contests against each of the leading candidates seeking the Democratic nomination.

Obviously, the president prefers seeing Steve Doocy fawn over himself and not factual reporting. Hilariously enough, in response to these polls, Trump asked Fox News — a bastion of pure right-wing propaganda — to be “less fair and balanced” in a Twitter tantrum.

Something tells me the radical left wants nothing to do with corporate mainstream media. Once again, this is just the delusional and paranoid megalomania of a severely unstable carnival barker.

Featured image credit: Rae Whitlock/Wikimedia

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