Trump Thanks Bill Barr For His Endorsement By Mocking Him

Since Donald Trump has taken control of the Republican party he has had little interest in earning the respect in those from the party. Instead, he demands that Conservatives blindly follow him and most importantly, never criticize him. 

Bill Barr, who served as Trump's Attorney General, has regularly criticized the former President. But since Barr has no self-respect, he recently said that he would support the Republican ticket. Trump thanked the spineless former staffer by making fun of him. 

Trump took to Truth Social, writing, "Wow! Former A.G. Bill Barr, who let a lot of great people down by not investigating Voter Fraud in our Country, has just Endorsed me for President despite the fact that I called him Weak, Slow-Moving, Lethargic, Gutless and Lazy (New York Post!)"

Trump continued, "Based on the fact that I greatly appreciate his wholehearted Endorsement, I am removing the word Lethargic from my statement. Thank You Bill. MAGA2024!"

There are very few voters out there who are likely to be moved by Bill Barrs endorsement and Trump knows that. So instead of showing any grace, the former President has instead decided to use this opportunity to embarrass him and it is just another case of a former-Trump loyalist being humiliated.