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Trump Tells Supporters to Watch OANN Instead of Fox News

Trump Tells Supporters to Watch OANN Instead of Fox News

Since the beginning of his political career, Trump has had a mutually beneficial relationship with Fox News. The network gives him fawning coverage and in exchange, Trump grants their anchors special access. It is very rare for the President to interview with anyone not associated with the network.

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Things have changed over the last 3 1/2 years, however and more and more Fox anchors are willing to speak out about Trump’s abuses of office. The non-prime time anchors have especially drawn his wrath. On Sunday, rather than mourning his deceased brother, the President urged his followers to tune to OANN rather than Fox.

OANN, a recently founded Conservative network, has quickly earned the trust of the Trump family. There was even a since debunked rumor that Donald Trump could be looking to buy a percentage of the network.

The network is also home the Chanel Rion, a reporter often spotted at Trump press briefings. Famous for her refusal to wear a facemask, the President often calls on her to loft softball questions.

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The new channel is also completely unwilling to criticize any move made by the President. He paid back this support on Sunday, tweeting, “Fox News s not watchable during weekend afternoons. It is worse than Fake News CNN. I strongly suggest turning your dial to OANN. They do a really “Fair & Balanced” job!”



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