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Trump Tells Hannity: I’m More Popular Than Ever and My Endorsement Means More Than Anyone Elses

Trump Tells Hannity: I’m More Popular Than Ever and My Endorsement Means More Than Anyone Elses

United States presidents have generally been quiet in the months after leaving office. The job is very stressful and most of the former leaders have chosen to relax, go on vacation and spend time with their families.

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Donald Trump, though, is seemingly desperate to remain in the public eye. He has been banned by most social media services so he mostly releases statements and calls into Fox News.

On Wednesday night, Trump called into Sean Hannity’s show. He boasted about the power of his endorsement to the Fox host and also claimed he’s more popular than ever.

Hannity asked, “What do you anticipate your involvement for 2022 will be? You started endorsing some people, You’re going to be out on the road, and what are your thoughts with 2024? Will you be making a comeback?”

“So,” responded Trump, “I’m very honored to say that my endorsement means more than any endorsement that has ever been given by anybody.”

Then the president, one of the least popular in American history, ranted about his popularity. “But if you look at the numbers, people are liking me more now than ever before. But I think that’s–the reason is they’re watching what’s happening with our country. They’re watching no energy independence. They’re watching the border. Never has there been a scene like what’s happening at the border. And the death that’s being caused. This isn’t just border. This is death and criminals pouring into our country. They’re looking at the economy. They’re looking at inflation. They’re looking at interest rates. They’re looking at gasoline prices, and I guess it’s making me very popular.”



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