Trump Team Planning 2024 Run After Election Defeat

Donald Trump has not yet officially lost to 2020 Presidential Election, but many voters, pundits, and politicians from both major political parties (and outside them as well) are beginning to expect it. In the Trump camp, those who have already resigned themselves to his defeat are preparing for the next step — a comeback in 2024.

Losing, Trump looks at 2024
[Photo by BRENDAN SMIALOWSKI/AFP via Getty Images]

According to RawStory, this was the subject of conversation between CNN‘s Jake Tapper and Jim Acosta following election day, and as states continue to count ballots. Acosta says that Trump’s aides and advisors are already starting to direct their energy towards the next campaign, and accept the direction of the current election.

They’ve even begun to discuss it with Donald Trump, he reports.

Though the election isn’t yet decided, the Trump campaign has already filed lawsuits, attempting to change the eventual outcome in several states, and has already been smacked down in two of those cases. In Georgia, the campaign sued to stop ballots that came in after the deadline from being counted. The case was thrown out of court because there was no evidence whatsoever that any ballots were being accepted past the deadline. Now in Michigan, Law & Crime reports a similar outcome.

Trump refused, in the weeks leading to the election, to confirm that he would concede and hand over power peacefully if he lost. Sure enough, in a late-night press conference after election day, he falsely claimed that poll workers had stopped counting to “find” new caches of ballots for Biden, and has continued pretending that early votes and mail-in ballots are somehow fraudulent.

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