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Trump Tapes’ Re-Emerge In Public Speculation Over Bezos MGM Purchase; Insiders Opine

Trump Tapes’ Re-Emerge In Public Speculation Over Bezos MGM Purchase; Insiders Opine

The Trump Tapes: if you believe people connected to Donald Trump and The Apprentice, these could contain footage of the former president using racial and ableist slurs, denigrating contestants and his own offspring, and more. However, in four years of presidency, plus the campaign period, they’ve never made it to public view.

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So, do the tapes exist? Do they really contain all the shocking and horrifying footage that has been suggested? And, with the purchase of MGM by Amazon, will they become the property of Jeff Bezos, and in turn, be released publicly as Bezos and Trump continue to feud?

Stephen Colbert presented the idea Tuesday evening, saying that Bezos and Trump famously dislike each other, and that the Amazon founder and CEO could be willing to pay more than the assessed value of the company to get to the tapes.

The idea spent Wednesday circulating and soaking in on social media, where others, including Apprentice insiders, weighed in.

First, there’s the negative — Noel Casler, who has spent the last several years sharing his observations of the Trump family based on his time working on the Celebrity Apprentice set, and he’s sure that Mark Burnett, who is presumed to be serving as the Keeper of the Tapes, would never let them see the light of day.

On the other hand, Tom Arnold, who starred in a series about his search for the tapes in 2018, is still optimistic. Sharing a news story about the purchase, he declared, “Hello Trump Apprentice Outtakes. Goodbye Mark Burnett.”

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Arnold sought out Burnett in 2018 to ask about the tapes, and was rebuffed. Throughout the series, he spoke to people who said they’d seen certain behaviors from Trump or had reason to believe the tapes existed, but never had any success in uncovering the actual footage.

Arnold says he’s witnessed some footage of this himself, that an unnamed friend had in his possession, and that it included Trump using the n-word racial slur, as well as calling his son Eric Trump the ableist r-slur.

What’s the consensus? There isn’t one. Bezos has not indicated the Trump Tapes are on his agenda, so for the moment, there are just a lot of insiders holding out hope for vindication by public release of something they’ve long claimed to exist.

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