Trump Sycophant Jim Jordan Will Not Run For Senate in 2022

Most Americans who aren’t political junkies don’t know the names of too many lawmakers outside of their individual states. During Donald Trump’s presidency, though, a number of GOP congressman became household names. And the quickest way to name recognition was to become totally sycophantic to Trump. And few sucked up to the ex-Presixent more than Ohio’s Jim Jordan.

Jim Jordan still won't keep his mask on
[Photo by GRAEME JENNINGS/POOL/AFP via Getty Images]
This week, Ohio senator Rob Portman (R) announced he would not seek another term in 2022. While there were rumors that Jordan could try for the seat, he confirmed on Thursday that he would not be running for Senate.

A spokesperson for Jordan told Cleveland.com that he, “is solely focused on representing the great people of Ohio’s Fourth District, and will not be running to fill the seat of retiring Senator Rob Portman.”

The statement continued, “Mr. Jordan believes at this time he is better suited to represent Ohioans in the House of Representatives, where as the top Republican on the Judiciary Committee, he can advance an America first agenda, promote conservative values, and hold big government accountable.”

Ohio has become an increasingly red state over the past 10 years, but Democrats could still win there. Sherrod Brown won his senate race in 2018 by nearly 7 points.


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