Trump-Supporting “Alternate Electors” Also Cast Votes Today

According to Stephen Miller, as electors — officially selected electors — across the country cast their votes on Monday, confirming Joe Biden as the winner of the electoral college and the presidency, a second “alternate’ — or unofficial — set of electors will also cast votes to send to Congress.

Stephen Miller continues charade about Trump election
[Photo by Drew Angerer/Getty Images]

Speaking on Fox News Monday morning, Stephen Miller declared that an alternate slate of electors had been selected to cast votes for Donald Trump, and that they’d also be sending their votes to Congress, so that, in the event Trump is able to have the election results overturned at some point, making it official would be as simple as certifying these electors.

Spoiler: even in the far-fetched hypothetical case in which Trump’s legal team somehow produces evidence, before January 20, that proves election fraud, despite that same team repeatedly telling judges that they are not alleging fraud, having an uncertified ‘alternate spate’ of electors certified after the fact would not be a quick simple fix for certifying Donald Trump as the president for a second term.

According to The Hill, Republicans are privately acknowledging to their colleagues that Donald Trump lost the election — but they still feel obligated to engage in political theater in public, pretending that Trump still has a chance, because otherwise, they’ll face backlash from voters, and from Trump.

However, with the electoral college casting their votes, continuing the charade could be difficult.

Miller continued, in his interview, to claim that there’s still a path to victory for Donald Trump, citing court cases that are still open, despite every case that could potentially change the outcome of the election so far being thrown out of court.

He even suggests that the Supreme Court will change things — which they’ve already had the opportunity to do, and declined.

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