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Trump: Supporters May “Demand” I Serve More Than 2 Terms

Trump: Supporters May “Demand” I Serve More Than 2 Terms

As 2020 polls become more common, Donald Trump is starting to lash out against them. Yesterday afternoon, the White House fired 3 pollsters as multiple unflattering polls for the President were leaked to the press.

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During a Sunday afternoon rant, Trump suggested that polls should be done on papers that are critical of him like the New York Times and Washington Post. He also suggested that his supporters could “demand” that he serve more than two terms in office.

A clearly agitated Trump tweeted, “A poll should be done on which is the more dishonest and deceitful newspaper, the Failing New York Times or the Amazon (lobbyist) Washington Post! They are both a disgrace to our Country, the Enemy of the People, but I just can’t seem to figure out which is worse?”


Both news outlets have frequently broken news stories that are detrimental to the President. He has railed against the papers and the media in general since he took office in January of 2016.

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The President continued his onslaught, “The good news is that at the end of 6 years, after America has been made GREAT again and I leave the beautiful White House (do you think the people would demand that I stay longer? KEEP AMERICA GREAT), both of these horrible papers will quickly go out of business & be forever gone!”

While Trump may feel that he has overwhelming support, his approval numbers remains dismal. The most recent Five Thirty Eight approval number (which is an average of a number of trusted sites) is at only 42.5%.

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