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Trump Supporter Tries To Blow Up Liberals On ‘Who Is America’

Trump Supporter Tries To Blow Up Liberals On ‘Who Is America’

Sacha Baron Cohen’s Who Is America has been exposing some of the most horrifying things people will do when someone appeals to their fears and prejudices.

In one episode, by magnifying a fear of terrorists, Cohen convinced a GOP representative to shout racial slurs and drop his pants on-camera.

In the latest episode, Who Is America invites Trump supporters to help infiltrate the Women’s March. When Cohen claims pressing a button will set off an explosive device, his guest hesitates¬†but eventually presses the button.

Sacha Baron Cohen also brings three Trump supporters together and promises to train them to infiltrate the Women’s March. He tells them they must learn to act like liberals, by knowing ‘liberal information’ (what happened on various episode of Girls; what’s the tire pressure for a Nissan Leaf) and complimenting each other.

Once Cohen narrows the participant pool down, reality-show style, to a single choice, the pair dress in wigs and pink hats and head to the Women’s March, where Cohen has warned his victim that a plot is underway. He claims an “undercover lesbian cell from New York” are trying to make Republican stores carry special diapers that will make babies transgender. Shaking his head, Cohen’s guest calls this an act of genocide.

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Arriving at the march, Cohen invites the man to attach a small device to the back of clothing worn by other individuals present. After they’ve walked away, Cohen claims the device is explosive, powerful enough to cause a fatal heart attack, and offers his guest a chance to press the button that will set it off.

The Trump supporter hesitates, then presses the button. “I’ve never participated in someone’s death,” he says afterward. “I feel a little queasy. Can we move around a little bit?”

From Trump supporters willing to blow up liberals to prevent transgender people from existing to politicians who don’t mind shoving a selfie stick under a burka to check a Muslim woman’s genitals, Sacha Baron Cohen’s Who Is America has brought horrors to the surface. The show has concluded, with its finale episode Sunday night, but everything it has exposed is still a part of America. If this is the face of our nation, there’s a long road and a lot of work ahead to correct that direction.

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