Trump Supporter Interrupts Cleveland Vigil for Christchurch Victims With ‘Build The Wall’ Float

Terroristic acts like Friday’s Christchurch massacre can inspire people of different faiths to come together. In Cleveland on Friday, Christians, Jews and Muslims held a vigil to honor and remember victims of the shooting.

The ceremony, however, was interrupted by a supporter of President Donald Trump. In his “build the wall” float, Robert Cortis drove past the ceremony twice while blasting patriotic themed music.

Photo by Sandy Huffaker/Getty Images

Despite their disbelief at the interruption the mourners refused to “feed the troll.” Speakers, including Cleveland mayor, Frank Jackson, largely ignored Cortis’ disruption.

Cortis’ car is decorated with what he calls the ‘Trump Unity Bridge’. He makes a point of driving the vehicle around political events such as Trump’s inauguration and the Women’s March.

“The Trump Unity Bridge is… bridging the gap on issues that will unite all Americans together as one under a Donald Trump Presidency,” Cortis wrote on his GoFundme page.

According to mlive.com, Cortis is, “unemployed, lives with his mother and relies on donations to stay on the road.” The appearance at Friday’s vigil may have been an attempt to secure more donations.


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