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Trump Superfan and Dilbert Creator Scott Adams Says he’s Done With the President

Trump Superfan and Dilbert Creator Scott Adams Says he’s Done With the President

Scott Adams became a star in the 1990’s thanks to his comic strip Dilbert. The cartoon which lampoons life in the modern office has appeared in over 2,000 newspapers and in a total of 65 countries.

SAN FRANCISCO – AUGUST 28: Scott Adams, famed creator of the comic strip DILBERT stands within “Dilbert’s Ultimate Cubicle” which offers practical and humorous concepts for the future workplace office, Tuesday, August 28, 2001 in San Francisco, California. The cubicle- which includes a hammock, aquarium, rotating floor modules, shoe polisher and a self-timing guest seat – was designed by IDEO, a world leader of innovation and design and was created in response to the thousands of e-mails Adams has received from disgruntled workers across the country. (Photo by Bob Riha, Jr./Getty Images)

And Adams has also gained renown for his support of Donald Trump. While he claimed to support Bill Clinton and Bernie Sanders in the past, he then went all in on the Republican. But Adams is now cutting his support after Trump refused to condemn white supremacists during Tuesday’s night debate.

The cartoonist made the announcement via Twitter on Thursday. He began, “I thought, it’s so obvious what you should say in this situation, and then he just didn’t. I thought to myself, I really feel abused, honestly. I took it personally. That wasn’t politics anymore. That wasn’t politics anymore. That was me personally, and I feel like he screwed me — personally.”

Adams continued:

“And then I had to sit there, stewing in that, and that white nationalist, white supremacist question comes up, and he botched it. It was a layup. It was free money sitting on the f*cking table, and he left it there.”

Watch a clip of Adams’ rant below, courtesy of Twitter:


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