Trump Suggests DOJ May Still Lock Up Hillary Clinton While Calling VISA Lottery Winners ‘Murderers’

President Trump was in Wilkes-Barre, Pennsylvania last night for yet another rally. And just like his rallies of the past, he certainly didn’t let his supporters down, as he touched on a variety of issue which seem to rile them up quite well.

While last night’s rally seemed to be a bit more animated and all over the place, one particular exchange with the audience stuck out more than some of the others. While discussing Pennsylvanian coal miners, the president mentioned how Hillary Clinton said she was going to close the mines up. Immediately the crowd began to chant “lock her up, lock her up.” The President responded to the chants in quite an interesting but expected manner:

“No, no no, they only want to hurt Republicans, they don’t want to do anything. But you know what? It’s all changing folks, it’s all changing. Some things just take a little bit longer. They only want to go after Republicans. You look at the kind of criminal actions and crime. They only want to go after the Republicans.”

After suggesting that Clinton may still be locked up, Trump then went on to double down on his ‘Mexicans are criminals’ claims, implying that VISA lottery winners are murderers, and even got an attack on John McCain in before once again turning his attention to “the fake, fake, disgusting news”. Trump’s entire speech from Wilkes-Barre last night can be viewed below:

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