WATCH: Reporter Points Out Stunning Admission From Trump

Donald Trump may be in a trial for his freedom, but it is very unlikely that the former President will take the witness stand to defend himself. Trump's lawyers know that putting him on the stand would be too big a risk as he has such a major problem with the truth. 

What the former President has done is give a press conference each day after court. And in one of those pressers, MSNBC's Vaughn Hilyard says, Trump made a stunning admission. 

Hilyard began by telling Nicolle Wallace, "It's actually some hallway remarks that Donald Trump just gave and I know that he gives hallway remarks everyday and a lot of it's repetitive, but we listen. And there is a quote here that caught my attention, and this is the quote. 'I have the only illegal NDA."

The reporter continued, "When we see that quote, this came part of what he does when he reads others that are allied with him's writings. And this comes from Andrew McCarthy.""

Hilyard closed, "As far as my notes can tell, this is the first time that Donald Trump has ever acknowledged this being his NDA with Stormy Daniels. He, in May of 2018, acknowledged that there is an NDA between Michael Cohen and between two parties, but he didn't explicitly say it was his."

Watch a clip of the segment below, courtesy of MSNBC: