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Trump Spox Says Use of Plexiglass Barriers at Debates Proves Bias Against Trump

Trump Spox Says Use of Plexiglass Barriers at Debates Proves Bias Against Trump

It is not an easy job being a spokesperson for Donald Trump. Some, like Kayleigh McEnany and Sarah Huckabee Sanders have done it seamlessly, unafraid to defend even the most indefensible things. Others, like Sean Spicer seemed deeply uncomfortable spitting out the nonsense necessary for someone in this administration.

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On Thursday, Campaign spokesperson Hogan Gidley was a little bit from column A and a little bit from Column B. During an interview with Hallie Jackson, Gildey claimed that the use of plexiglass barriers at tonight’s debate showed bias against President Trump.

The MSNBC host began the interview by asking simple questions about the president’s debate prep. Gidley refused to answer.

Jackson continued, “Let me ask you a couple of other debate pieces here, the plexiglass that has been put up on stage, as we’ve seen from inside the debate hall. Is the campaign comfortable with that? Will you allow that to remain?

An irritated Gidley responded, “It’s my understanding that is going to remain. It’s not surprising, though. I mean, this commission is completely biased.”

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The host went on to explain that there was simple reason that the divider was there; the president had suffered from COVID-19. The other rules the debate commission came up with were due to Trump’s behavior during the first debate. Gidley, however, left the interview without commenting.

See a clip of the exchange below:

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