Trump Spox Gidley Says Twitter Ban is Preventing President From Denouncing Insurrection

Only two presidents, Donald Trump and Barack Obama, have ever had a Twitter account. Obama used his social media account sparingly, while Trump was a voracious user.

Photo by Alex Wong/Getty Images

And all the other presidents in American history have been able to communicate wit the public despite not having social media. Trump, of course, was recently banned from the service. And that ban, says Trump spokesperson Hogan Gidley, has prevented the president from denouncing the recent attack on the US Capitol.

Gidley made the ridiculous comments during a weekend appearance on Fox News. He argued that Trump has been advised by lawyers on his election fraud claims. “And so he’s going to go out and say, here’s what I know and here’s what I’ve been told. The president doesn’t make these things up, whether it be, you know, advice relating to the coronavirus that he got from Dr. Fauci and Dr. Birx or whether it be related to the way the election was conducted. This information is out there.”

The spokesperson then tried to defend Trump’s response to the insurrection. “On the one hand, [media says] he should be censored by big tech and not be allowed to talk,” Gidley said. “He also shouldn’t say anything because it’s divisive. And then when he doesn’t say anything and can’t say anything because the platform have removed him, they says, ‘Where’s the president? Why aren’t we hearing from him?’ The whole thing is disingenuous.”

Watch a clip of the segment below courtesy of Fox News:

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