Trump Spoke Directly to Stop the Steal Leader Alex Jones on January 6th

New details have emerged about what Donald Trump was doing on January 6th once the crowds had moved on from the “Stop the Steal” rally to breaching the Capitol under his orders, and the various phone calls he made as the events played out that day.

Aside from the now-infamous call to Kevin McCarthy where he told the then-Republican Majority Leader that the rioters cared more about the election than he did, Trump also took the time to make a call to “InfoWars” host and “Stop the Steal” co-organizer, Alex Jones.

Alex Jones conspiracy theorist says he wishes he didn't meet trump
[Photo Credit: Kent Nishimura / Los Angeles Times via Getty Images]
In a breaking news post (behind a paywall), journalist Seth Abramson shares the details of the discussion between Jones and Trump as they both seemed to grasp the scope of what was unfolding at the Capitol. Yet Trump did nothing to stop the rioters, only sending a brief and uninspiring recorded message in the middle of the insurrection that most of them wouldn’t see until it was long over.

While Trump had promised the crowd that he would “be with” them as they walked to the Capitol, only Jones was actually amongst the rioters. Trump instead hid in the White House and watched the action on television along with his family and closest advisors.

Considering Jones has been a Trump insider for years, it shouldn’t be a shock to anyone to learn they were in contact that day. What isn’t clear is just why Jones, Amy Kremer, and the other organizers of the Stop the Steal rally haven’t been questioned by the FBI like the insurrectionists that have already been taken into custody.


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