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Trump Spiritual Adviser Uses Virtual Coronavirus Sessions To Promote His Sycophancy

Trump Spiritual Adviser Uses Virtual Coronavirus Sessions To Promote His Sycophancy

President Donald Trump has had many sycophants in the right-wing media and the religious right conspiracy theory circles since his campaign for president. Now, he has a “spiritual adviser” who is working overtime in quarantine as more and more people blame Trump for the pandemic’s extreme measures to make sure they comply with the Trump party line.

Paula White is Donald Trump’s official spiritual adviser, and she is still broadcasting her message from home during the crisis. She has COVID-19 prayer sessions daily, and her focus is on the “good” job Trump is doing.

White’s latest session is a literal buffet of unwarranted Trump praise:

“He’s shown very decisive leadership. I’ve gotten to see that leadership in himself, his administration, his family in unprecedented times. There is a great calm and peace for most Americans; Gallup polls show that, so much shows that due to his leadership.”

“Thank you President Trump for doing such an outstanding job to navigate us as a people and as a nation. It’s a shame people take the cheap shots … Let’s have the right attitude, let’s have the right thoughts, like, ‘You go, President … You want to help all people. Thank you.’”

“We shouldn’t be ‘Gotcha’ or ‘You can’t do this. Let’s be, ‘You can, we’re cheering you on, you go, we’ve got it, we’re praying for you.’ Because this is what’s right and what’s pleasing. Say, ‘Thank you, President Trump, for your decisive leadership.’”

So, this is what hooks the Evangelical crowd on Trump. They believe that this is all God’s punishment for bad human behavior, and they follow the idea of the nation being open and churches being open on Easter.

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The truth is, we have yet to see the worst of this pandemic, and people like Paula White are dangerous grifters who should not have a platform to scam money and spread misinformation during a crisis.

Watch this insanity below:

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